Curiosity and Transformation


Early in my career,  I taught courses and conducted research in Chemical Engineering. My specialty was separation technologies and fluid mechanics.  I investigated sludge, paints and cement. I enjoyed watching paint dry and spent a winter day on Racetrack Playa

Electric Futures: An Unexpected Experience


As a student at the University of Southern California, I’m always irritated by the common question of  “where are you from?” Especially considering I can’t mention another state or country and I can’t use the generic “Bay Area” response, I

What else can COP do?


Last month at COP, the annual United Nations climate conference, I had the opportunity to deliver a series of talks about climate communication. What really stuck with me about the experience is the commonality in questions people asked afterwards, both

Climate Change and Misinformation


This fall, I had the opportunity to tune into the Climate Center’s first Research to Reality session: “How to Refute Climate Change Misinformation” where USC professor Gale Sinatra spoke about her research around climate science education, theories of learning and

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