My story is a climate story

97% of actively publishing climate scientists agree:
humans are causing climate change. Our neighbors experience the effects first hand.

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Agustin Castañeda

Agustin’s Climate Story

Carlos Ortez

Carlos’s Climate Story

Maria Lorenzo

Maria’s Climate Story

Rodney Howard

Rodney’s Climate Story

Our Mission

We empower journalists and other communicators to tell stories about climate change

We do that through training that amplifies science, elevates communities, and engages audiences.

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Gloved hands measuring a petri dish on a desk

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Annenberg’s approach is distinguished by two key factors:


is our specialty

Our work is situated within a world-class journalism and communication school at an R1 research university.


is our priority

We focus on the application of research to support journalists, communication professionals, and students in the advancement of their climate-related work.