Need to find a media-trained climate scientist? Looking for research on extreme weather? Scroll through our database to access trusted climate storytelling resources.

Climate change attribution science

Database of climate scientists in the Global South

Climate Attribution Database

Climate graphics and tools

Collection of nine concise fact sheets on climate and weather

Climate communication research and tools

Climate change opinion data

Climate change attribution tool

Climate visualization best practices and image library

Scientific and public consensus on climate change

Recording of a USC Annenberg panel introducing climate journalism leaders and resources

Best practices, tip sheets, explainers, and regional guides

Community-level data and analyses on Los Angeles neighborhoods

Dataset search engine

Research on misinformation and debunking

Research on misinformation and debunking

USC Annenberg / Zignal Labs communications data report

Property-level climate risk information

Visualization of global fishing activity

Tools and data for the management and monitoring of forests

Data and mapping on water distribution

Climate storytelling primer

Timelapse footage of Earth

Global-scale temperature information using data from NOAA’s Global Surface Temperature Analysis

Data on climate media coverage

Tool that organizes and analyzes research

Data on sea levels

A resource to communicators for when extreme weather strikes

Service connecting media-trained scientists with journalists on deadline

Resources created specifically for navigating the emotional terrain of climate

Tricks that businesses employ to evade responsibility for the harm caused by their products or practices

Research roundups, tip sheets, articles and explainers related to the topic of energy and the environment

Real-time attribution analysis of extreme world weather events

Definitions of words and phrases used to describe climate change

Data on public opinion on climate change