What climate journalism needs: takeaways from global forums

In April, Shreya Agrawal, our engagement coordinator – who is also a climate journalist – was at the Society for Environmental Journalism conference in Philadelphia, PA and earlier this month, I was at World Press Freedom Day in Santiago, Chile. Below we share our

May 22, 2024|

Talking about mental health in climate spaces

I remember having my first climate-related existential crisis at the age of five.  My dad had just bought me a huge stack of encyclopedias –– taller than I was at the time –– and I voraciously made my way through all of them, delighting

April 23, 2024|

Curiosity and Transformation

Early in my career,  I taught courses and conducted research in Chemical Engineering. My specialty was separation technologies and fluid mechanics.  I investigated sludge, paints and cement. I enjoyed watching paint dry and spent a winter day on Racetrack Playa in Death Valley looking

January 30, 2024|

Q&A with Electric Futures Lead Producer Mallory Carra

Meet Mallory Carra: a journalist and podcast expert turning words into worlds, and now the driving force behind our newest podcast series “Electric Futures.” Through this work that challenges how we think about the clean energy transition, Mallory explores how to tell climate stories

January 26, 2024|

Electric Futures: An Unexpected Experience

As a student at the University of Southern California, I’m always irritated by the common question of  “where are you from?” Especially considering I can’t mention another state or country and I can’t use the generic “Bay Area” response, I tend to have to

January 17, 2024|

What else can COP do?

Last month at COP, the annual United Nations climate conference, I had the opportunity to deliver a series of talks about climate communication. What really stuck with me about the experience is the commonality in questions people asked afterwards, both with raised hands in

January 8, 2024|

Climate Change and Misinformation

This fall, I had the opportunity to tune into the Climate Center’s first Research to Reality session: “How to Refute Climate Change Misinformation” where USC professor Gale Sinatra spoke about her research around climate science education, theories of learning and the role of emotion

December 13, 2023|

Green Minds, Clear Messaging

Communicating about climate change fosters understanding and inspires action when grounded in both research and simplicity. As emphasized in our most recent ‘Research to Reality’ series, Dr. Wändi Bruin de Bruin, a world-renowned psychologist, policy expert, and professor of practice at the University of

December 11, 2023|
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